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Shared mobility needs Purpose Built solutions.

The Dispatch scooter

Fleet mobility has a new best friend,
meet Dispatch.

Dispatch is built around


core principles


Our roads are tough,

Dispatch is tougher.

Suspension and chassis designed for the trickiest conditions the city has to offer.


Ride share

Food delivery

Emergency services


Whatever you can imagine 

Dispatch has it covered.

Swap between accessories for the front and rear with the push of a button.


Smart as it is,

Smarter when you need it to be.

4G LTE connectivity inbuilt. Extended functionality through the integrated dock for smartphones. 


Remove everything you don't need,

make everything else modular.

Designed around longevity and upgradability. Never deal with downtime again.


12 hour work days?

Never worry about backaches again.

Extensive ergonomic development to reduce stress points and provide a comfortable riding posture.

Ergonomics study


Go fast or go slow.

Swap or choose to charge.

Pay only for what you need. 

Flexible ownership models tailored to suit your business model.

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